Special Education

The Special Education Department provides services and guidance to many students at Jimtown High School. Special Education is focused on providing services to students who are eligible according to the Federal and State guidelines and who have current Individualized Education Plans (IEP's) specifying the type and amount of service to be provided.

The Special Education Department also provides services to students that do not qualify according to these laws to have an IEP, but are in need of assistance and guidance to help bolster their ability to pass classes and be successful in high school. Our department specializes in assisting those that need more than is provided in the general education setting as well as those that would thrive in that setting.

The Special Education Department is an integral part of the following initiatives and interventions that have been proven to be successful in helping students pass their classes and achieve their goals at Jimtown High School:

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Development and Creation

Our Special Education staff is the sole creators and writers of students IEP's. We do this on a daily basis and each carry a heavy case load of students.

Guided Study Hall

Our department is the guiding force in this area. We each teach 2-3 guided study halls per day that have between 8 and 15 students. This is truly a guided study period in which we do so much more than sit at our desks and watch students work. We teach study skills, test taking skills and strategies, we teach Algebra and English topics that will be on the End of Course Assessments (ECA's), we provide assistance with student planning and grade management and we provide our knowledge to help students be successful in all of their classes.

Homework Integrity Program (HIP)

For 4 years now the Special Education Department has run HIP. This intervention allows students who are falling behind in their homework and required studies to catch back up and avoid failing their classes. We spend the lunch hours guiding all students (not just Special Education students) toward success.


This department runs meetings that are designed to provide additional help, intervention, and modification for students that are struggling in our school. We develop and create interventions that will guide these students to success and we meet on a weekly basis to provide this guidance.

Jimtown Educational Center (JEC)

Our department runs the JEC. This program is designed to provide guidance via a computer based program to recover lost credits. This program is a key cog in the yearly success of our school.

Freshman Academy/Basic Skills

We have developed an Academy within our school to help students that are new to our building. Whether these students are incoming Freshman from the Jr. High School or whether they are new to our building from another school, our department helps aide these students in successful transition to Jimtown High School.