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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Keep in mind that you should NEVER have to pay for applying for a scholarship or applying for FAFSA.

What is the Difference between a scholarship, grant, and loan?

  1. Scholarships are awards of money that you get for college that you do not have to pay back.
  2. Grants are awards you get from Federal and State funding that you do you not have to pay back and are usually based on income.
  3. Loans are money given to you temporarily to help pay for college that you have to pay back with interest.

Make it your JOB!
To avoid loans, apply for as many scholarships as possible. Make applying for scholarships your job and set a goal of doing so many a week or a month. The more scholarships you apply for, the more college you get for FREE. Save all of your applications and essays. Many time you can reuse your applications and essays by making small changes to fit a new application.



* The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
* This is the only form that will qualify college students for both state and federal financial aid, grant, and work study eligibility
* We urge all students/parents to file this application,even if they know they won't qualify for federal or state funding.
* Some merit-based scholarships require this information and family circumstances may change due to unforeseen events.
* This application is done during the senior year around tax time.
* JHS has a Financial Aid night every year around January to go over the application process and offer help with the Financial Aid process

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College Board

CSS Financial Aid Profile

The CSS Profile is a supplemental financial aid application (in addition to the FAFSA) that is required by some colleges and scholarship organizations. (Examples are Butler, Notre Dame, St. Mary's, Holy Cross and the Scholarship Foundation of Elkhart County.) The profile provides more detailed financial information, and does not take place of the FAFSA. Please make sure that this is needed by the college or organization that you are applying to before creating an account.


The cost is $23 for one profile and $18 for each additional one. Guide booklets are available in Guidance.

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