Early College

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    Welcome to Baugo University

    The Jimtown High School Early College Program

    What is Baugo University?
    Jimtown has had a significant dual credit program since 2014 in partnership with Ivy Tech Community College.

    How do I apply to Baugo University?
    8th graders can download the application to apply.   

    Indiana Early College Credit Report 2021 This report focuses on students who graduated high school in Indiana in 2018. It provides updated data on topics such as:

    • The number of Indiana high school graduates who earn early college credit and the type of credit they earn
    • Student demographic breakdowns showing early college credit opportunities for students of color and from various socioeconomic backgrounds
    • College persistence and success metrics for dual credit earners
    • How long it takes students who earn early college credit to graduate from college
    • Potential cost savings for students, families, and the state of Indiana
    • The impact of endorsed Early College High Schools

    Find the Ivy Tech official policy for the Associate's degree HERE

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the Early College program designed to do?
    The program prepares high school students for college and careers, through personal attention in a "school within a school" environment. Classes are offered that result in both high school and college credits.
    Who is eligible? 
    Up to 125 students each year can be part of Baugo University. The first group accepted were freshmen in August 2014. Early College is ideal for students in the "academic middle," students who may be the first in their families to attend college, and those who are looking for a way to pay for some or all of their college education.
    What if my child is entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade -- can he/she still be in the program? 
    All students at Jimtown High School can take dual-credit classes, however they will not be part of the full Early College program. (Many of our recent graduates have earned up to a year or more of college credit, saving thousands in tuition!)
    What are the academic requirements?
    Early College students will take all required courses for an Indiana Core 40 high school diploma. They must also take three (or four) years of a foreign language. Dual-credit electives and classes emphasizing study skills, technology, and college & career exploration are also required. Students must maintain a GPA. of 2.0 or above to remain in the program. 
    How do I apply?
    See your friendly middle school counselor for an application! You can also download and print the application (see top of page).
    Can my child participate in extracurricular activities? 
    Yes! We encourage participation in athletics and extra-curricular activities offered by Jimtown.
    Is there homework help or tutoring available?
    Early College students are considered Ivy Tech college students and have access to Ivy Tech's on campus tutoring center. Early College students may participate in after-school tutoring at JHS as well.  NHS students provide tutoring at the library Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the library from 3-4pm.
    Will my child keep his/her credits earned?
    Yes. All dual credits earned are part of a student's permanent college transcript.
    How can I help my child succeed in Early College?
    Continue to support and encourage your child, and talk to him/her about his college and career plans. The Renweb system allows you to check grades, assignments, homework, and attendance to help ensure your student is on track. Please see a smiling school counselor if you need help!
    Are there other successful Early College programs in the United States?
    Yes! More than 230 early college programs exist in communities across the U.S. More information about this successful, research-based model for education is available at these links: