Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music Department is comprised of several various ensembles; each ensemble has a different style of music and a different goal. The goal of the Instrumental Music Department is to help students develop as a musician as well as developing characteristics such as responsibility, leadership, and teamwork. The Instrumental Music Department teaches students about music theory, history, and performance aesthetics.

Instrumental Music Options:

Marching Band:

The Jimtown Marching Band was re-established in 2012 and is a competitive marching group. This ensemble is open to any 9th-12th grade student. This group focuses on learning the fundamentals of how to play and march at the same time, while working together to accomplish something they would not be able to do on their own. The Marching Band practices one evening a week as well as during the school day. Performances for the Marching Band include home Varsity Football games as well as various Marching Band Invitationals and the ISSMA Scholastic Competition.

Concert Band:

Concert Band is an ensemble open to any 9th-12th grade student interested in playing music. Students already have a basic understanding of reading and playing music. This ensemble works on continuing to develop knowledge of music theory and performance techniques. Music performed by this ensemble is in the medium to hard range. This group performs at the Christmas Concert, ISSMA Concert Band Competition, and Spring Concert.

Jazz Band:

Jazz Band is an auditioned group open to 9th-12th grade students on Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Piano, Drum Set, Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar. Students in this class already have a basic understanding of Jazz technique and work as group to refine these skills. They have basic music theory and sight reading skills that are also built upon. This ensemble works on creating various styles of Jazz music. Music performed by this ensemble is in the medium to hard range. This ensemble performs at the ISSMA Jazz Festival and the Spring Concert.

Pep Band:

The Jimtown Pep Band is comprised of the members of the Jimtown Band. It is a volunteer group that performs at the Home Jimtown Varsity Basketball Games. This group performs various styles of literature: Old Time Rock & Roll, Sweet Caroline, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Get Ready for This just to name a few.