Junior Year

Things Juniors Need To Do:

  • Take the PSAT in October
    • Juniors will be charged $15 for the exam included on their school book fees.
    • ALL Juniors take the exam even if taken as sophomores.
    • PSAT results are used to identify students for the National Merit Scholarship Program
    • www.collegeboard.com for more information
  • Take the SAT and/or ACT in the Spring of junior year
    • Required testing by colleges for admission
    • Both tests are accepted by all colleges
    • Colleges will select the highest score students earn from either test, so it is recommended that both tests are taken and each more than once
    • Preferred registration method for both tests is online at www.collegeboard.com for the SAT and www.act.org for the ACT
    • Check the websites for more specific details about each test
  • Begin College Search
    • Explore colleges you are interested in attending (see next page)
    • Sign up in the Counseling Center to meet with college/university representatives during school (in the fall)
    • Schedule campus visits with college Admission Offices
    • Attend Indiana college fairs
    • Develop a resume of high school activities, award/achievements, community service, and work experience

Guidelines to help you choose a college

Need help with doing college visits and finding the best fit for you? Here is a guideline list that will help you as you go on each college visit to narrow down your options.

Get PDF here: http://www.baugo.org/editoruploads/files/Choose%20a%20College.pdf


Indiana Career Explorer
Indiana Career Explorer will help you explore a world of possibilities, make decisions about your future, and prepare for the next step in your education and career planning journey.

Visit the site at: http://www.indianacareerexplorer.com/

The most comprehensive college information site includes a searchable data base of colleges, financial aid information, a personalized profile that suggests colleges to explore and a college search tool that compares your grades and test scores to other students accepted to the specific college you are exploring.

Visit the site at: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/make-a-plan

Financial Awareness Counseling Tool:
This is an online tool to help you and your family prepare financially for college before officially applying for federal student aid. It provides an estimate of federal student aid eligibility by instantly calculating an estimated Expected Family Contribution -the indicator used to estimate your family's or a student's financial strength. FAFSA4caster determines what type of federal aid (grants, work-study and loans) the student is eligible to receive and provides an estimated award amount for each.

Visit the site at: https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/counselingInstructions.action

Indiana College Costs Estimator:
The National Center for College Costs has developed a new state-wide tool, the Indiana College Costs Estimator.

Licensed by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, it offers FREE comprehensive college selection, admission, and financial aid

Visit the site at: https://www.indianacollegecosts.org/explore-indiana-colleges/map-of-indiana-colleges