Dual Credit and AP classes

Advanced Placement (AP) Classes


Jimtown offers the following AP Classes: 

AP Biology

AP Calculus

AP Language and Composition

AP Physics

AP Psychology

AP Statistics


Students enrolled in the  AP classes are expected to take the AP exams in May.  Colleges award credit based on a five-point scale, each college has its own policy on giving credit. 

Every examination receives an overall grade on a five-point scale:

5 - Extremely Well Qualified

4 - Well Qualified

3 - Qualified

2 - Possibly Qualified

1 - No Recommendation

Scoring 3, 4 or 5 on an exam is considered an "honor grade." Colleges typically place greater emphasis on AP exam results that have earned honor grades. In addition, the College Board has an AP Scholar recognition program that honors those students who meet defined standards on AP exams.


Dual Credit

Ivy Tech Community College

Jimtown High School and Ivy Tech partner together to provide college credit.  Dual credit is the term given to courses in which high school students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously. Students apply to be an Ivy Tech Dual Enrolled student during their freshman year.

Jimtown offers the following dual credit courses:

APHY 101 - Anatomy & Physiology I          APHY 102 - Anatomy & Physiology II

BIOL 105 - Biology I                                           BIOL 107 - Biology II

Comm 101 - Introduction to Public Speaking

EDUC 101 - Intro to Teaching                         EDUC 121 - Child and Adolescent Development

ENGL 111 - English Composition                  ENGL 206 - Intro to Literature

HIST 101 - American History I                        HIST 102 - American History II

HLHS 100 - Intro to Healthcare                     HLHS 101 - Medical Terminology

MATH 136 - College Algebra                           MATH 137 - Trigonometry

POLS 101 - Intro to American Government

How to apply to Ivy Tech Dual Enroll:

Dual Credit Application

Students must become program eligible to earn the college credit. Students must take the Knowledge Assessment Reading and Writing or STEM.

How to complete the Knowledge Assessment:

Completing the KA

How to create MyIvy account:

My Ivy Account

After graduation in June seniors who earned dual credit need to request their transcript from Ivy Tech.  Jimtown High School can not send your Ivy Tech transcript. 

How to order official Ivy Tech transcripts:

Ordering Ivy Tech TranscriptsOrdering Transcripts


IF you need additional resources Ivy Tech has a YouTube channel. Check the following link out for more information. Ivy Tech Youtube Channel